Notice : Kindly create a Crypontor wallet account and update your Bitcoin address in MBH so there will be no fees from our end when we process your payments.

My Bit House News


Faucet currently is disabled. adnetworks don't support/no revenue for faucets anymore, only poup network still active and it can't cover the current amount of withdrawals.
We can't say for sure that's the end of the faucet or not, but your withdrawals will be processed as soon as we find an alternative revenue source.
In the last 1-2 months, full revenue used to pay BitcOwn withdrawals, and there are still pending withdrawals there.
After we clear the payments there, we will start processing the payments here, after we clear them all, we will enable the faucet again.
It's not like we have a choice, a faucet who's revenue source is nothing but ads can't possibly survive as much as we did, that's why we ask you to be patient and wait for your funds.


We are getting some reports concerning loyalty bonus resetting to 0% despite logging daily, we will disable this feature for the next 2-3 days for maintenance.
About withdrawals : as you may know (and you should know), we are working with adnetworks that pay in BTC (popad network pays in USD, our avg income is about 6$ so it's hardly 0.0004 ), the current revenue is low because of the high price of Bitcoin, we are earning only about 1/6 of what we used to gain in the last months, the reason is that they calculate the CPM in $USD, quick example : 40$ back then was worth about 0.009, it's 0.002471 now, the high BTC price is a kick in the face of our faucet, you should get the current situation.
we didn't want to reduce our faucet rates as it will take ages to reach the minimum payment, but instead, we are going to pay pending withdrawals one by one, it will take us a long time, but it's our duty to pay them all !
please don't open a support ticket concerning the matter, it will not speed up the process, you should wait for your turn to get paid, the huge amount of pending withdrawals is stressing us as much as it's for you.
just have some faith in us, your payment will enter your wallet sooner or later.


Urgent Update : We found (and didn't even get a notice) that CoinPayments Wallet have increased their fees from 20k to 70k satoshi (Now they lowered it to 50k), at any rate, they are making changes often and this could damage our faucet. as a result we will disable withdrawals as of now until we partner with a new API provider, we refunded 50k satoshi to the ones who got their payments during the change. Proof Of Fees
We decided to work with, they are a micropayment processor and offer low minimum payments and fees. keep an eye on this page, we will update you guys soon.


As of today, and due to the high BTC price, there will be only one faucet with a limited claim of upto 100 satoshi.


We reached 50K members, the withdrawal fee is set to 20K satoshi, the 20K bonus satoshi is still ON. We are aware of the problem of the website not showing, we talked with the hosting team and we are waiting for their reply. stay tuned.


No-Timer And commission Rewards are lowered as of 31/08 due to the low revenue from the AdNetworks we're working with, once things are stabilized we will increase the faucet reward and the commission will be 50% as before, we apologize for the sudden change.


Updates : once again, there will be no withrawal fee (temporary).


Updates : we no longer support members ads, referrals contest is paused at the moment and withdrawal fee will be about 20K satoshi.


♦ Faucet Update: from now on, you will be able to claim every 15 minutes halv what you were able to claim in 1 hour, this means you have 4X chances to claim bigger rewards, and also, at the very least you will be able to earn double the previous rewards (if you claim 4 times 25 Satoshi in one hour, that still be higher than 99 satoshi :p ) , anyway, do the math and you will find this new rewards benefits
♦ Faucet Script is not for sale at the moment as we're working on a client project that we will share with you soon.


Starting today, each member has only one chance to win the daily referral contest, this is to prevent cheater from abusing the system (by creating fake accounts) and to allow new members boosting their earnings in other words, a chance for all ! the system will reset weekly and you can only win one time per week.


Lately, we're experiencing some server down time, which is easily can solved by upgrading our hosting service, stay tuned for mor update, and don't worry if you face a CloudFlare down time page, just try again after some time !.


A lot of members are abusing the referral contest by creating many fake accounts while others are working hard to get some real referrals, we were generous enough to trust you and disabled our cheat detecting script, remember that MBH is an oppourtunity for those who really want to make some bitcoin online, trying to cheat us is trying to cheat other legitimate member who's claiming every hour. that's so sad
we will announce a bad news tomorrow night concerning the referral contest.


Today, we've been told that there were some unauthorised loggins and withdrawals, we are working to solve these problems and fix the root issue.


Ads are temporary disabled, make sure to make the most of it !


We are going to remove popups ads tepmorary, we will restore them once we reach <200K in Alexa rank (you can check our current rank in the main page). note that our rank will improve as the traffic increase, that's why we ask you guys to help us share this great opportunity to the world, of course not for free, you will earn 50% from your referrals for life :)


Now you can advertise with My Bit House as low as 0.001/10,000 impression, and you can earn 10% from your referrals ads orders as well for life !


My Bit House Discontinued its investment services as of 08/06/2017, we already refunded users who made deposits from their own money (not including monitors accounts), you can still use MBH asa bitcoin faucet, more ways to earn free bitcoins are coming soon, stay tuned


As per the huge amount transactions of the bitcoin network, the transactions fees raised to 20K satoshi instead of 1%, we added 20K satoshi to every account so we will pay the transactions fee from our pocket from your first withdrawals, we also changed the signup bonus from 500 satoshi to 20 K satoshi, so members will rach the withdrawal amount faster.


My Bit House Launched Officialy, let's hope it will be a good hybrid program that will help a lot of you guys make some bitcoins online !